Mask Fit Testing for Healthcare Environments

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In Ontario, the Occupational Health and Safety Act has mandated that N95 Respirator mask fit testing is conducted every two years for healthcare workers. There are many instances in which airborne particles can cause discomfort or illnesses for workers, especially in the healthcare fields. Though testing is required every two years in Ontario, many employers require fit testing to be done annually. This is because there are a number of reasons that can change how a mask fits on a person, especially throughout the course of one year. An increase or decrease in weight, change in facial structure, or dentures can all lead to the need for mask fit testing on an annual basis. Not to mention, people simply forget how to use their respirators. Synergy Employment Services, a top company in the industry notes that their experience has been extensive in providing N95 Mask Fit Testing in Ontario, conducting thousands of mask fit tests every year, with each of our clients noting that re-education is the number one reason for annual testing.
In Canada, the Canadian Standards Association Z94. 4-02 standards are used to do outline the selection, use and care of respirators.  They also outline the process of mask fit testing and the correct sequence of creation of facial seals. N95 respirators are devices designed to provide two-way protection for both the wearer and the general public from severe respiratory hazards in the workplace. N95 masks are fluid resistant, disposable, and are worn in environments where severe respiratory outbreaks can exists. The program Synergy Employment Services provides also highlights the differences between surgical masks and respirators noting their proper use and safety measures.  However, surgical masks are not respirators.  Synergy provides several convenient options when it comes to organizing a Mask Fit Testing clinic for organization, providing unsurpassed value and compliance reporting standards.

N95 Respirators

The N in the "N95” stands for not resistant to oil. The 95 refers to the filter efficiency, providing protection from airborne particles larger than 0.05 microns. Since no oils or aerosols are present, the N95 has established itself as the basic respiratory protection standard for healthcare professionals and other situations where severe respiratory outbreaks could occur. This type of protection can be used where airborne threats are present. It is used in all healthcare environments across Canada and North America. The N95 respirator protects from illnesses and respiratory outbreaks such as:
  • Tuberculosis
  • SARS
  • MERS
  • Chicken Pox
  • Severe Influenza
Mask fit training provides participants with unsurpassed knowledge on how to use their particular respirators where airborne risks exist. It is a process that requires attention to detail and a deep underlying passion for personal safety. Mask fit training will teach you how to properly fit a respirator to your face to achieve a suitable facial seal. Only then will you be properly protected from all airborne threats.   There are hundreds of types of N95 Respirators out there, however it is important to find a company that fit tests with 3M N95 respirators due to their widespread acceptance, cost effectiveness and product superiority.
N95 mask fit testing is generally conducted for healthcare workers or those in health-related environments. Other occupations where airborne threats exist may require mask fit testing. There is currently no recommended elapsed time to wear or take off your respirator. Health Canada only recommends that they be changed when they come in contact with respiratory droplets, become wet, or interfere with breathing. Of course, they should also be changed if they are damaged or visibly soiled. You can dispose of the respirator in a general waste container unless it has become contaminated or saturated with blood or bodily fluids. N95 respirators help protect against the airborne transmission of infectious agents, protecting the health and safety of our healthcare workers and their environment.

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